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Vaping 101

What You Need To Know...

As the vape scene grows, you start to hear terminology such as mods and attys and this page is designed to help you understand as well as facilitate the transition. Be sure to contact us if you have any other questions concerning the vaping world. We will be sure to help in any way we can!

A vape device composes of three main components :

  • Mod:

  • Also known as the battery or the power source – Many times we will ask each other what mod are you working with cloupor mini 1or what mod do you have. A mod is the power source which gives the device its power.

              Regulated: A regulated mod is one that is electronically controlled which gives you options to change certain aspects of your vape such as the wattage or temperature.

              Unregulated: One that does not have a computer chip so it will power your device depending on strength and charge level of your batteries.

  • Attomizer:

  • Also Known as the atty – This is the housing of e-liquid as well as the heating element which produces the vapor. There is no best atty because it all depends on the kind of vape the individual prefers. As with the mod, there are two main types.

              Tanks: A tank is an enclosed atomizer which houses the e-liquid and the coil which produces the vapor. Requires low maintenance and is a very popular way to start.

              Rebuildables: An open deck which holds the coil and cotton. Usually for the advanced vapors as it requires self made coils and cotton. You can also buy pre-made coils.

  • E-Liquid

  • Also known as juice – The liquid that contains PG, VG, and natural flavoring.

              PG – Propylene Glycol: This is the throat hit that simulates that of a cigarette and is the flavoring.

              VG – Vegetable Glycerin: This produces the thick “vapor” or clouds.