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The Vapology Difference Is A BIG Difference.

Vapology Story as a company wants people to derive fun from vaping in a healthy manner. Our e-liquids are of the highest quality and made with natural ingredients. Produced in a state of the art laboratory in Bourdeaux France using water as a base allows for the finest e-liquids you have ever experienced!

With Vapology Story, live the French vape experience!

All our e-liquids are produced by VDLV Company, French manufacturer since 2012. VDLV applies precise safety rules to provide optimal protection for vapers: Quality raw materials, Traceability, Metrology, Strict monitoring and Chemical and Microbiological analyses.

Laboratory Production

We ensure that our e-liquids are the finest and cleanest quality by producing them in a laboratory unlike a majority of our competitors.

Flavor Innovations

Vapology Story extracts its nicotine from a water solution that results in a 99.9% purity level. An experience simple not offered elsewhere.

Brilliant Flavors

Vapology's creators have traveled the seven seas seeking the greatest natural ingredients nature has to offer for exquisite vaping experiences.

Vapology Story extracts its nicotine from a water solution that results in a 99.9% purity level rather than the common solvent solution that other’s employ. This great accomplishment has led other e-liquid manufacturers to purchase our nicotine to make their juices. Another difference is that our e-liquid is water based compared to the common oil based. Water vapor is much healthier and more fun to vape and we promise you will not pick another company once you have experienced the Vapology difference.

Vapology Story may be new to the vape community in America, but we have been making a difference in the European market since 2011. We operate under Vincent dans les Vapes internationally and have been perfecting our formula for vapers for years now. VDLV are innovators in the vape scene, starting from our juices to our equipment. Our e-liquids are tested to ensure they are of the utmost highest quality before they are bottled for your enjoyment. Take a look at our state of the art factory located in Bordeaux, France and see for yourselves why our e-liquids are the best in the world.