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About Vapology...

Our 2 e-liquids brands “Vincent dans les Vapes” and “Vapology Story are created and manufactured in France by the VDLV Company. We bring to America the most original recipes that follow the highest quality standards.



Who Is Vapology?

Our story began in 2011 with Vincent Cuisset, a Research Engineer in a Bordeaux laboratory, southern France.

He was amazed to discover how electronic cigarettes worked. He was excited and immediately realized the great drawing power of this original alternative to tradition tobacco cigarettes. His initial curiosity quickly developed into fascinated research into the system and how it worked. He realized that many improvements and innovations could be introduced into this already booming market, particularly in terms of the composition of quality e-liquids. Availing to the network of Bordeaux laboratories, he commenced a long research and development phase that lasted over 18 months.

The VDLV Company was registered in 2012. The registered office was initially established at the European Institute for Chemistry and Biology at the University of Bordeaux. This conjunction produced a durable partnership, based on a service provision contract for the analysis of nicotine bases, aromatic compounds, and finished products.

Simultaneously with this research and development work, Vincent began to look for a brand name. He wanted a name with a human element that would pique the curiosity and surprise while remaining unconventional on a market consisting essentially of aficionados.

This led to the birth of the VDLV Company and its first e-liquid brand: “Vincent dans les Vapes”, French leader of natural flavors e-liquids.

In 2015 VDLV brings to the United States of America “Vincent dans les Vapes” with a wide variety of natural flavors e-liquids (Fruits, Mints, Tobaccos, Special Treats and Signatures). Also, VDLV created for us an original brand with intense flavors but always respecting the highest quality standards:

“Vapology Story” e-liquids. With its 3 ranges: “Authentic” (Classic blends), “Gourmet Tobaccos” and “Sensory Journey” (Fruits, Plants and Sweets), Vapology Story wants to surprise American vapers in a safe way!


What Is the Vapology Difference?

In order to analyze the substances inhaled by vapers, but also by those around them (second hand vapor), VDLV Company reproduces the vapor linked to real consumption of e-liquids and the ongoing development of vaping equipment.

To conduct a quantitative and qualitative study of the vapor produced by electronic cigarettes (in conditions of regular usage), VDLV set up an innovative tool: U-SAV (Universal System for Analysis of Vaping).

U-SAV enables to simulate the vaper behavior and measure the influence of each parameter when vaping in order to study the composition of vapor. Moreover, it enables to conduct comparative studies and to present long-awaited conclusions of capital importance for the Vaping Industry.

Thanks of its scientific knowledge, VDLV is able to establish the bases for a comparison of products and, above all, to provide answers concerning the toxicity of vapour and the potential risks linked to the use of electronic cigarettes.



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